Lamia Lucedio

One of the primary characters of Cosa Nosferatu, and one of the most mysterious.  She came to Al Capone in 1930, in the company of Harley Warren, with a business proposition, and soon had opened Club Lucedio on the premises of the old Everleigh Club.  Capone was a regular at Club Lucedio during its relatively short existence, and even arranged for his favorite comedian, Richard Buckley (later known as Lord Buckley) to perform there.

Lamia's background is mysterious and apparently ancient.  At several times she confided to Eliot Ness that she was over 500 years old.  Her connection with the infamous Lucedio Abbey in Italy was never established, although Harley Warren did make reference to her having Italian origins.  Her given name, Lamia, however, comes from Greek legend and history, and has connotations of both a devourer and a seductress.  Whether this was her actual birth name, or something she took on after encountering the Old Ones, is unknown.


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